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The cakes below may be in stock, but if you need one within 24 hours we do recommend that you call for availability. 
ALL custom filled cakes require prepayment.
Call 518 792-0007 with credit card information

A Traditional Patty Cake is a layer of chocolate and a layer of
vanilla with chopped Oreos & hot fudge filling in the center.

Black and White: all vanilla Patty Cake

Razz-berry Delite:
Patty Cake plus raspberry sauce in the center.

Patty Cake plus peanut butter filling in the center.

2 layers of chocolate ice cream, Oreos, hot fudge, dark chocolate chips in the center.

The Ultimate:
Layer of hard Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, Oreos, hot fudge & chocolate peanut
buttercups filling, layer of hard Nutty Peanut Butter, with chocolate & peanut butter hard shell.

Strawberry Shortcake:
2 layers of vanilla ice cream with vanilla cake & strawberry sauce in the center. 
(Strawberry Shortcake is seasonal, please call 518-792-0007 for availability) 
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